Moving: FAQs & Tips

I want to make sure my family is completely prepared for moving day. What are the biggest things that people forget while moving? a. Moving can be hectic, but take a special note of the key things to remember during the transition. Make sure to clear a space for the moving truck. Notify the neighbors of any inconveniences they may face insure their cooperation. Have cash available for tipping movers (or the pizza delivery person). Have your new keys ready, and make sure you know where to deliver your old keys. Have directions to your new place available for your family, the movers, and any others helping during the moving process.

The forecast looks gloomy. What should I do if it rains during my move?

If it looks like rain, check ahead with the moving company you hire to see if cloth pads and cover will be supplied. If not, make sure to keep all furniture and other items that would experience water damage under cover. Secure belongings, especially furniture and carpets, under tarps or over waterproof materials before the movers arrive. Review what the moving company's procedure for heavier downpours.

My husband and I aren't as agile as we used to be. Are there movers that will place large furniture and appliances where we want them in our new home?

When choosing a moving company, discuss the option of having items placed in specific areas of the home. Some moving businesses will provide this service, so check in advance. Before moving day, visit the new home and map out where you would like to have large things placed. This will give the movers a clear picture of how you want to set up your new home and avoid unnecessary frustration.

Is moving insurance necessary?

Moving insurance is highly suggested to protect your valuables. Moving company valuation typically covers liability at only $0.60 per lb. per item, so plan accordingly. Discuss liability processes when selecting a moving service, and be sure to opt for a company with excellent reviews and a great reputation.

What kind of charges should I expect from the moving company?

You will most likely be charged for any additional materials needed during the move that were supplied by the chosen moving company. Moreover, you may be charged for any delays or time that must be added to the moving process. Stick to an organized schedule and stock up on boxes from the liquor store. Gather what tape, permanent markers, rope, and other supplies you have on hand to limit additional moving charges.

Schedule a Timeline for the Move - Count back at least 8 weeks from the intended moving day. Follow a weekly breakdown of the steps necessary to prepare for moving to keep from getting overwhelmed. This type of agenda will allow you to gracefully prioritize, finding an appropriate moving company, sorting through your belongings, and calculating a realistic budget.

Research Moving Companies - Before agreeing to hire a specific moving company for the move, do your homework! Compare at least 3 companies and arrange to get estimates from each. Do a thorough reference check of all moving companies you are considering and be aware if they have any unresolved complaints. Double-check online reviews to determine if the potential company has a clear history of trustworthy service.

Know Your Needs - If there are specific services you require, such as exact placement of heavy furniture, make sure you ask ahead of time. The worst thing you could do when getting estimates is neglecting to ask important questions about the service. Just a few things to review are all parts of the contract, what additional costs to expect, and what insurance/valuation is offered in the event of missing or damaged items.

Avoid "Moving Season" - The biggest months for moving are June and July, when moving company prices are at a premium. To save money, see if it is possible to avoid moving during these months. In addition, opting for mid-month tends to be the most economical time to schedule a move.

Be prepared - Have everything packed and ready to be shipped over to your new home. Most movers charge extra to pack additional items. Don't forget to discard, sell, or donate any unwanted items to avoid unnecessary packing and disassemble furniture to facilitate the move.