Airport Shuttle/ Limo Rental: FAQs & Tips

There are so many options available. How do I choose the right shuttle/limo service for me?

There?s no need to be overwhelmed by choices. The best way to choose is to narrow down your options by several factors including: child seats, non-smoking vehicles, pet-friendly vehicles, bi-lingual chauffeurs, meet & greet protocol, direct service, wheelchair accessible transportation, etc.

I want to have plenty of space, traveling to & from the airport comfortably. What is the standard seating capacity for shuttle transportation?

The general guideline for airport vehicle accommodation is as follows:
Sedan: Seats up to 3 travelers including luggage
Limo: Seats up to 8 travelers including luggage
Private Van: Seats up to 14 travelers including luggage
Mini Bus: Seats up to 22 travelers including luggage

When it comes to airport shuttle etiquette, should I tip the driver? If so, how much?

Some airport shuttle companies automatically include a 15% gratuity fee to take the guesswork out of the equation, so an addition $5 is sufficient. Typically, if the airport transportation is a limo service, there is no need to tip the driver. Otherwise, if the driving service comes directly to the house, you should tip them around $2-3 per piece of luggage, depending on the size & weight. There?s a good chance you?ll be traveling during the holidays. Although unnecessary, some passengers like to tip a couple of extra bucks, ?in the spirit of giving?.

How early should I schedule to have my shuttle service take me to the airport?

If you want to make your flight, (well of course you do), plan on arriving 1 -2 hours before departure. This will give you enough time to handle traffic, check bags, and go through security before boarding. By planning ahead, you?ll avoid adding any stress to your flight.

How early should I book my shuttle transportation?

Generally, most shuttle companies have a standard policy that travelers book their airport shuttle at least 48 hours in advance to the departure flight.

Keep in mind that some shuttle services offer both shared and private ride accommodations. While shared ride services are generally offered at a discounted price, private rides ensure you will not need to make detours to any of the other travelers? homes. The private airport accommodations also guarantee that you won?t be riding alongside strangers. If this bothers you, make sure you book a private ride.

Did you know that on Average long term parking costs $20 per day, but taking a Shuttle is only a one-time fee of $20...That is a $120 savings on a 7 day trip...Think of all the Starbucks that could buy!

Think opting for a taxi is better? Think again! Taxis are often unpredictable and can add greatly to the stress of travel. There are very affordable shuttle packages out there and EstimateExperts can help you find them. With appropriate planning, you can ride to the airport in the style and comfort of a limo or private van. In addition, airport shuttle services cater toward your needs and requirements for traveling to and from the airport.

Do your research and look up online reviews. What do other customers have to say about their experience with x, y, and z airport shuttle companies? Have a pen and paper readily available when speaking to your potential airport shuttle service to chart costs and which companies meet your requirements. Don?t be swayed by extra features! By sticking to your list of needs, you?ll be able to select the best airport shuttle service for you.

When booking shuttle service companies, make sure to discuss the specifics of their service rates. Many companies have a flat rate for shuttle runs. Depending on your proximity to the airport, the shuttle service may charge by time. Let?s face it; there are times when return flights are delayed. Remember to ask the airport shuttle or limo service if you will be charged extra, especially if you will be charged per minute, for the delay.